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The One Where Poor People Live Comfortably in Manhattan

  • LandLocked Ales 3225 S Wadsworth Blvd Lakewood, CO 80227 (map)
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Are you an expert in the art of Unagi? Do you refuse to share food? Is your favorite Elton John song that one about Tony Danza? Come find your lobster at the 4th edition of “The One Where Poor People Live Comfortably in Manhattan: A Friends Quiz” on Saturday, July 20th.

The quiz will cover all ten seasons and 236 episodes about the lives of the Central Perk’s best customers. While we won't ask you a significant number of questions about the actors’ side projects, spinoffs, or reunion specials, we continue to reserve the right to ask you about anything and everything “Friends”-related in Round Eight. We'd say get to watching, but we know you're already five seasons deep in your 30th rewatch.

The quiz is $5 per player and the winners will take home a cash prize large enough to buy tickets to see Hootie and the Blowfish and then some. The more players, the larger the cash pot, so invite your annoying exes, clothing-challenged neighbors, and twins (hand or otherwise). General Geeks Who Drink rules will apply. You’re limited to 6 total players on your team and we're quzzing like its the ‘90s. Use of any cell phones or any other outside assistance is strictly prohibitted.

Registration for this quiz is REQUIRED! Head on over to to register your team.

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